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Truck vs. Tornado in Oklahoma
Source: You Tube
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An Ounce of Preparation = A Pound of Survival

Don't wait for tornadoes to hit your area. Visit the links below to keep your friends and family safe!

Featured Resources


Featured Tornado Links
Red Cross
Donate to the American Red Cross!
This tornado season give to the American Red Cross. Its volunteers in the field are critical to those impacted by tornadoes.
Fujita Scale
Understanding the Fujita Scale
What's the difference between an F1 and and F5 tornado? We've put together a great overview to give you a better perspective on wind speed and damage.
Tornado 2 Extreme Tornado Tours
Why go to Jamaica when you can hop in a truck and chase tornados across "Tornado Alley?"
You Tube
Sea Spouts
On the Seven Seas
Boy, it's hard to get much better than this! Two menacing sea spouts twisting their way through the water.
Manitoba, Canada: June 22, 2007
This is a video of an F5 tornado that hit Elie, Manitoba. Nothing short of awesome!
Tornado 4
Blown Away!
This video is truly amazing. Closed circuit cams captured scenes from inside businesses as an F5 ripped through Parkersburg, IA in 2007.

Kid's Corner: Make a Tornado!

Tornadoes, while dangerous, are fascinating creatures and that fascination begins at an early age. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a great page for students and educators on the science behind tornadoes!